First things first


Following the excitement of Team Effort! receiving its funding I have been thinking a lot about what I will do this year. I’m excited about taking this chance to work with other people on puppet making, illustration, interactive game making and magic. Now I just need to convince some people that they want to do it too.

This is what I am doing now-

An album cover for the band Turning Plates. I’m pleased with it, although it’s pretty far from the work I usually make, and the experience of trying to visualise someone else’s ideas was difficult.

A large puppet hound for the Modo parade The Red Eyed Dog Of Crookston. I’ve taken the chance to do loads more research into puppet movement and articulation, which has been really interesting, and a lot of the online information comes from puppets made for horror and sci-fi films, which ties in strangely well with the themes of my painting work. So I’m spending even more time looking at horror sources and enjoying them as much as ever.

An interactive game with Gareth Johnston from Edinburgh uni, for cross Science/Art themed events. The idea is to explain Carbon Capture and Storage through the medium of pinball. Result.

Painting in the studio, trying again to move my work on a bit. I will let the images become whatever they become. The Peter Doig show in Edinburgh has convinced me that I need to develop my technical skills. My studio has become a tiny painting filled cave, so hopefully by using one of the Team Effort! spaces I can make bigger works more often.

Stroking Stephen the cat, which is making the cold studio seem much more welcoming. The image at the top is from last week. There was no plan when it was being drawn, but perhaps the man is about to walk through the doorway of a new beginning? And his giant hat represents hope? And his bag is filled with dreams? And the trees are uncertainty? And the bird symbolises . . . I ran out of metaphors.

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