I have butterflies in my belly sitting down to write this, still in bed warm feet and cold nose, in my new home, the 3rd of this summer, watching the rain run down and across my window through the standard Glasgow heavy iron bars placed over the glass.

This room will be my place of rest and my place of work, something I’m nervous about as the separation of the two can be good. I’m nesting trying to make the room a place that I want to spend time in and can feel inspired by so with bars on the window I was worried it would feel like a prison. I’ve heard writer friends say they need to go to writers jail to get some work done, perhaps this room which will become my sleeping space, my reading space, music making and recording space will lock me in a good creative space…we shall see….

Knowing that I have the break out space and environment of Southside Studios helps alleviate any worries though. I’ve found it’s really important to my brain and body to be in a space making things that feels right, and the studios offer inspiring open spaces and the opportunity to see other human beings which is good.

When I met with Gilly, what feels like an aaaaage ago, I was chatting to her about possible music folk to do things at IF, I started saying how I’d been craving a new arts environment to work and play in, how I was inspired by visual art, sculpture, had been making sound installation work in collaboration with artists and If I was in this environment I’d have opportunities to explore this more and also have another space to be in creatively outside the home to meet other artists, and try and move away from hermit artist type situation. Meeting Gilly that day was a catalyst of a series of changes and new beginnings, playing my first solo gig at IF night was a taste of what Team Effort can offer as a space to challenge but support at the same time, and I’ll say it again and again, but I’m so grateful and overwhelmed with this opportunity and to Gilly for seeing the need for a project like this in kim world.

I love seeing how other people compose in writing, composition of space in art, in theatre performance, in music, in dance, in film. Everytime I collaborate with an artist from a different discipline I feel I take something new into how I approach making music and write and how I think about performance and the experience for an audience of the work.

I can’t wait to get to know everyone better as people, as artists, and getting an insight into everyones way of making and thinking. I’ve chatted with Fergus already about possible magic experiments and illusion tricks which makes me excited indeed, Kim beveridge about borrowing her binaural microphones to play around with sound in 360degrees space, I cant’ wait to play, write, perform with you all.

A big part of this year for me will be to pull together material for an album inspired by and made with you all perhaps, thinking about how it can be inspired by visual arts practice and theatre performance, i’m very excited that I’ll have Johnny Lynch as a set of ears and advice giver along the way.

Finally there’s something i’d like to confess…I’m afraid of my own voice is that a stupid thing to say? perhaps, but I’ll say it now anyway and cringe later.

I’m scared to use it, as me, honestly and openly, I often hide behind others and when pushed to the front I crumble or I find myself adopting a ‘persona’ muting myself to be able to present and in that moment infront of watching eyes and listening ears. I want to be able to write, to perform, to make work live for an audience with more confidence and honesty, authenticity, having seen a little of you all over the summer at IF I know I’ve fallen into the perfect space for these things to be explored and I hope I can help everyone else in Team Effort explore their questions, practices too..I’ll be your guinea pig, a body, a voice, ears, hands, willingly, smiling at the thought of it




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