Pass the painkillers

Stef is ill

This blog will be brief. Which is unusual for me because brevity isn’t a strong point of mine.

I am currently refusing to admit that I have a cold.

It’s not a cold. I always sound this nasal and have a fondness for lemsips.

I am enjoying reading everyone’s blog. I feel slightly jealous, internet, there I said it.

My diary is crammed at the moment. I am in the middle of rehearsals for a new play called CURED and currently writing a new script for The Traverse Theatre which will have a reading in October. These two opportunities mean an incredible amount to me but they do (quite rightly so) take up a lot of head space.

So I haven’t had a true chance to dream about what Team Effort might mean to me. I’m just being honest. I’m a rubbish lier, even in Helvetica Font size 12. But I thought I would muse on a few things that are simply instinct about Team Effort.

My instinct says that Team Effort will allow me to PUSH myself. I look forward to creating pieces of work that simply would not have existed if it wasn’t for this project. I am really interested in the use of non-character voices and the tipping point between poetry and dramatic writing. I can’t wait to dig into myself and make new discoveries about my writing voice.

My instinct says that Team Effort will allow me to PLAY. I take my craft very seriously. I don’t have much margin for error at the moment and I think Team Effort will help alleviate any pressure I am currently placing on myself to achieve, achieve, achieve. I can’t wait to get to know everyone better and find out if there are any fellow rum drinkers amongst the artists, who else secretly loves 1980’s thrillers and thinks that Angelica Huston has made some odd career decisions.

My instinct says that Team Effort will allow me to PREPARE.  This is a marathon, not a sprint. I would like to think I’ve got decades of writing and dreaming in front of me. And since I graduated University 4 years ago, A LOT has happened. I think Team Effort will give me time to consider my future actions, where I want to go, what type of artist do I want to be and what will be my next hair cut?

Push. Play. Prepare. They sound like great focuses for Team Effort and maybe just 2014 in general.

Now, pass the painkillers.

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