A Practice of Self Regard

I find blogging damnably difficult. Difficult on the basis that my art practice often interrogates notions of self-regard and emotional manipulation. In order to support the integrity of that practice and to keep a clear, sharp boundary between the “I” that I present in my performances as a dramatis personae and me the living, misbehaving idiot, I have always avoided having a personal presence on the internet. I have a website which is purely a space to show my work and that’s it.
Within Team Effort! I see not just the validity, but the need to document discussions and shared processes and to be generous about offering that up as an experience other people might be able to learn from.
I think the mild discomfort of trying to be honest and unstinting in giving access to the evolution of the project is healthy. And I believe that in an age where we are acclimatised, even inured to the clamour of other people’s online acts of self-definition, it is important for me to work out innovative ways to show the work and the critical discourse which informs it without feeling personally exposed or jeopardising the integrity of an art practice which wants to discuss self-mythology without creating one.


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