I have been battling between wanting to hibernate/run away/make make make with no sleep. I had an inspiring few weeks of visits to Paris and Bristol seeing some amazing gigs, Nick Cave being the highlight, and meeting with the Reggae Orchestra I’m working with this year.

I’m struggling a little with the balance between just making and living in the now and also knowing that I need to look ahead and plan, fill in funding applications and hold on to space where it’s needed, it’s a balance between going with the flow and everyday and having to be strategic in the look of thelongterm…the now…the present…needs more attention though i think…I need to stop running ahead…

URBAN exploration

The cloud factory glasgow green

Tonight I get to see Team Effort folk which I can’t can’t wait for and before that I’m going to try my hand at parkour. happy body = happy mind and my body needs a kick up the backside. I nearly had a typo there of lick up the backside…that is different. The idea of parkour sounds amazing, urban exploration, a workout through being a monkey, running about climbing jumping, getting to know this city in a different way.

I’ve been thinking alot about the city…about making outside buildings…

I met with Martin and we talked about taxi conversations…Those conversations with strangers, the spaces these dialogues happen…I’m looking for more of them…

I met with Rose and we talked about our paths we walk in the city, our public spaces, she gave me a beautiful piece of writing about ‘Desire paths’ we arranged to walk, to talk…Rose we need to set that date.

I’m recording this weekend a group of people for a sound walk audio piece I’m making for GI next year with Glasgow Women’s library. ‘WEWALKWERUNWEWALK’ I’m thinking about how we walk and when we walk alone and with others, when does the impulse to join or flee happen.


Debbie and I have been thinking about how we can still make, have conversations between 2 cities, I’ve liked the idea of starting a postcard project, you send a card with a small piece of writing and the other person responds…we talked about there being an email with sound, image, text, a provocation perhaps…someone sent me a link to a project called ‘SOUNDRY’ it made me think of ‘SONIC POSTCARDS’ ‘The city rings’ project too…how do we experience our city through sound, how do we translate this to give someone else this experience. In our dialogues through our email postcards how can we create different environments? fictional ones? How can we experience new spaces, stories, together in different places?


I’m really excited about some experiments in sound and image happening with Fergus of Team Effort too. We have started a dialogue of song/lyrics/sound and image to create an album of work this year as a new performance project called WOLF that has been made hand in hand through conversations in image and sound. I have one of Fergus’ beautiful illustrations here that was inspired by a few broken lyrics/images I sent to him, in turn I hope to now take this image as stimulus for a song or a something. This week we meet to play with mirrors, glass, illusion, shadow, light, dark, lines, string, thread, dust…it feels like we are at the beginning of a collaboration that has many arms and legs….installation…theatrical…sculptural…musical…an album…a live performance…we shall see….it’s very exciting.

Right…Kim B is coming over we’re finishing an edit of some films we made together for another project and I’m hoping to pin a date down with her to look at live projection software for possible experiments with WOLF and improvised live film….

…one step…two step…trip…fall….get back up…one step….two step…


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