Lots of hats

study for a painting that didn't get painted

study for a painting that didn’t get painted

Things are happening almost on top of each other. I nearly started on a new body of paintings but that didn’t happen and lots of interesting other things did.

Sometimes there are long periods where no work comes in so I paint without interruption and at those times it’s like painting is a full time job. It’s not a problem that it makes no money whatsoever and rarely gets seen because I enjoy it and think it needs time. Freelance work comes unexpectedly and the idea that lots of hats are needed to make a quick switch from one task to the next makes sense to me. These jobs keep me on my toes and thinking fast, they give me a bit of distance from my painting work and before I know it painting is at the back of a long queue of things to do. The hats are often a bit dusty but once worn in they all feel good.

performers at night

youth circus performance

Workshops in stiltwalking, fire performance and unicorn hobby-horse making led to an event in a park late one wintery night where the young folk performing looked magical and really captured something wonderful about being outside in the dark with twinkling and flickering lights.

A long running circus workshop has taken several twists and turns recently, but the hard working participants are moving on with their skills now, and little breakthroughs like a first solo walk across the tightwire, or managing ten throws of a three ball juggling cascade are rewarding for us and them.

drawing for wolf

drawing for wolf

I got happily lost in a black and white world drawing for Wolf in response to Kim Moore’s brilliant words and sounds.

The meetings with other Team Effort members have been great, we can switch off from the world and indulge in art babble. Well, that’s what I do.

And working for new clients and companies has been difficult and easy at the same time. There’s something a bit confusing about trying to present yourself as the right person for the job when you don’t know for sure what the job will be or if you can do it. That’s where hats are useful because people see you with a nice hat on and it gives them confidence in you. Now I’m going to put my sequined painting fez on and get to work.

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