Picture Blog

For DABOYA (discuss a bit of your art) with Team Effort! I talked about one piece of my work from beginning to end and the patient members of the team listened. I made a new painting for this, I didn’t have documentation of the process of making any of my existing paintings so it seemed like a good time to try it out. The image I used as a start point was the drawing from my last blog which I had been looking forward to painting from for a while. The images on the right show the painting in development, with the earlier stages at the right hand side of each row, and the painting as it is now in the final image. It is about six feet by three and a half feet.


The year has started quickly for a change and I haven’t managed to do any more painting on this or the two others I was working on at the same time. As we develop ideas for Rip It Up next month at Tramway, the team is reaching for words and ways of sharing ideas.


The cold is settling in throughout the studios and the coffee maker is constantly bubbling away in the corner. For now those paintings will have to bubble away too.



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