February collaborations

January – February was a time of collaborating, starting with some time very kindly given by Stereo to make some noise with my good friends John Lemke and Gareth Griffiths, this then led to them joining me to make sound for our Team Effort RipitUp at Tramway, playing with them on different material really opened up new ways about thinking about my own work as Wolf and about playing music live. We had to create things very quickly for rip it up and be okay with the finished result and call it finished for what it was, that was really useful to do as someone who struggles to finish anything. In stereo we opened up the space to the public in the evening as an open rehearsal which was a little intimidating but also was really useful in freeing up that performance anxiety and let go of the idea of the perfect finished end, it was all very much in the moment. Here is an early recording of us working out a music idea for rip it up. RIPITUPPIECE

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