IMG_7768Here is a brief overview of the things that some or all Team Effort! members saw and did while on a group trip to London this month:

  • Saw Collage by Kenneth Halliwell at the Islington Museum
  • Saw Fuerza Bruta at the Roundhouse
  • Went to Cambridge Junction for an event about queer art
  • Saw Jon Hopkins play live and met him for a drink.
  • Met with the good folks at the National Theatre Studio for a chat about present and future plans for Team Effort! and the artists who sail in her.
  • Laughed as static from hundreds of balloons made our hair stand on end at the Martin Creed retrospective at the Hayward Gallery.
  • Wandered round the Tate Modern together and apart.
  • Waited two hours for a table at Wahaca in Soho for dinner.
  • Learned about Dadaism with Rose at the Hans Arp exhibition at Hauser and Wirth Gallery.
  • Went to Transformer at Richard Saltoun Gallery
  • Twisted brightly coloured straws into shapes at the Sensing Spaces exhibition of architecture at the Royal Academy of Arts
  • Sat outside on a heated terrace with blankets in Chelsea for a Lebanese lunch and more laughs all together.
  • Got a private tour of the Royal Court Theatre with the Artistic Director.
  • Sat up in the gods of the same theatre to see the Mistress Contract.
  • Went for diner food and boozy milkshakes with our brilliant Associate Artist, Debbie.
  • Went to see Hannah Hoch at the Whitechapel Gallery.
  • Fell asleep on the train home.

Our London trip was the perfect salve for the stress and focus of Rip It Up at Tramway. For this group of people, who had been so focussed on getting a show of their own together, to be allowed to wander around galleries, talking about nothing much or everything at once and learning from each other felt utterly necessary and important.

There have been moments over the course of the year so far that, for me, provide a perfectly clarified distillation of Team Effort! Many such moments occurred in London. A few are outlined below…

  • The emergence of an informal, totally unpremeditated Team Effort! gathering at the back of Hauser & Wirth, with Rose holding an impromptu lecture on Dadaism that would inform our collective understanding of the exhibition.
  • Standing on the stage at the Royal Court and watching the awed faces of all six artists as they looked out over the seats in the auditorium.
  • Or, and maybe most perfectly distilled of all, meandering through Soho looking for a restaurant on a rainy Saturday night with empty bellies and wet feet, but still listening to the needs of each person, talking, adapting, finding an answer that suited everyone, and still smiling and still laughing. Go team.


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