On Not Setting the World Alight

Theology - eoincarey_0690

“A mildly enjoyable event that┬ásadly will not set the world alight.”

So said a lovely man about my show Theology. I got lots of lovely press and feedback and comments, but this one sticks with me for a number of reasons.

Theology took up the best part of two years development and contains all of my forays into the world of Spoken Word. For me it’s the summation of everything I’m interested in when it comes to performance, and having completed it, I feel a bit of a loss as to where to go next. The comment above was in the context of the work being too personal to be universal, and too concerned with religious knowledge that not everyone knows.

For my Team Effort development I have been working on a series of poems that are in effect a response to Theology and a response to a lengthy process. I now know that I want to make something immediate. Not to say that it should be hurried or throwaway, but I’d like to experience making something in the moment. But perhaps I should take on board the comments regarding universalism and making my work more accessible.

I wonder what I can take forward from this experience? How can I develop a body of work that isn’t derived from a massive piece that is reflective of so much of me? Should I be writing poetry about lakes and trees?

Well I’m not going to do that. I mean I might talk about lakes and trees but it’ll be all “alright tree I wiz like that.”

So I’d still like to continue the religious and personal themes in my work – even if it doesn’t set the world alight, but come on, that’s not really why I’m doing what I’m doing, is it?




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