a surprisingly warm April

I’m not actually writing this blog in April. But don’t tell anyone.

It’s actually an interesting exercise. Without looking in my diary I couldn’t have told you one thing that DEFINITELY happened in April – though lots did happen.

1. It was the opening workshops of News Just In, with Random Accomplice. Working in that team of people has got to be one of the most positive and giddy-making experiences. I have smiled or giggled so much – at least a work for a while. I’ll write about this process more when in the next month.

2. Went for a Rum Tasting with Gilly. Delicious. AND I learnt a lot about rum.

3. Most importantly I visited my Grandad in Nottingham. I call him Gump. You should call him Mr Smith. He’ll tell you to call him Ray. He is 93 and still lives in his own house, on his own. He is like my Dad in many ways and not in others. He flew spitfires in WW2. He wanted to be architect but the war got in the way. The war got in the way of a lot of things. He reads The Telegraph from cover to cover every single day, there isn’t a news story he can’t walk about (all be it with a Telegraph slant). He is quiet and considered. He goes for a pint every Wednesday and Saturday at the local pub, or is that Tuesday and Sunday? I should see him more.


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