1979652_10152476238029505_2133055890_nThis month was the final event in a series of three, late-night art clubs called BOOMBOX at the Citizens Theatre.

BOOMBOX was created in response to a conversation I had with Citz Artistic Director, Dominic Hill. He expressed a desire to diversify the Citz audience a bit and to galvanise their two small studio theatre spaces. BOOMBOX ran from 10pm til midnight, the bar was open and folk could come and go as they pleased. We programmed short theatre pieces, visual art videos and live music. The idea was to programme the BOOMBOX so that it felt like an “aftershow party” to whatever had been on the main stage at the Citz that night. So, the line up for all three events was as follows…

After Glasgow Girls on the Main Stage: Hector Bizerk, Martin O’Connor, Bigg Taj and Loki.

After The Beautiful Cosmos of Ivor Cutler on the Main Stage: Creative Martyrs, Rachel Maclean, Suzie Ferguson and the Pictish Trail.

After The Libertine on the Main Stage: A special BOOMBOX/TYCI collaboration featuring… Rose Ruane, Eilidh MacAskill and Rosana Cade, Kirstin Innes, F.K. Alexander and Clare Simpson.

I wanted to make them feel a bit mischievous and a bit subversive. I wanted them to feel like we were an audience of sneaky revellers who had somehow managed to get locked in to the Citz after closing and thought “well, since we’re here, we might as well have a party…”

With this is mind, I started reading more about the Citz. A friend advised me to read about the Close Theatre and I duly devoured everything I could find. Suddenly, BOOMBOX had a precedent, a parentage; in the wild, provocative and controversial late nights at the Close in the 60s and 70s. You can read more about the Close on the Citz website or in this interesting article by John Riddell here

I loved doing these events. The team at the Citz were brilliant to work with, particularly their excellent, outgoing Assistant Director, Danielle McIlven and the wonderful front of house and technical teams. Each of the artists that performed or shared work were brilliant and courageous, totally investing in the haphazard, experimental or mischievous tone of the evening.

And the audiences. Thank YOU if you came along and recorded a mix tape, ate some sweets, blew some bubbles, threw a paper aeroplane, made a zine, laughed your head off or just sat and enjoyed what you saw. I was delighted.