May month of bits and pieces

May was a month of pieces, developing new work for BlueBlock Studo with Katy Wilson, making workshops on the voice with some young people in livingston, playing music, recording, and thinking more about how and what an album if I got round to making one might sound and look like. I played a show as part of our Team Effort Stereo/Hairdressers take over too at the end of May which Fergus and Rose collaborated together to dress the space with beautiful hanging sheets covered in black line illustrations of strange rabbit creatures which bled on to the stage with black card cut outs of strange dancing rabbit beings dancing away under a spinning moon. It was really exciting to be playing a show where we’d thought about the space and what we wanted that to look and feel like.

The night was made extra special and exciting by a new piece performed and made by Roy Shearer on different snare drums and electronics, it was a beautiful, sometimes meditative sometimes intense journey he set up in the centre of the room with everyone around which felt really cool to experiment with changing the focus in the room away from the conventional stage set up. Joseph Quimby also performed an amazing improvised set as Hivver to watery visuals he’d shot while away. Fergus had an exhibition on all week too of his painting which was really exciting, it changed how I looked at his work and spent time with it having it up on the wall as a collection. I feel like in every painting there is a story, lives, a different world, a dream a darkness and mystery, the opening night was so busy with loads of different folk turning out to see his work, hopefully the start of more exhibitions.

I started looking back at different bits of work too, to see if there were any beginnings of ideas I could develop further… here is one of them…a piece I made for my sister when she was at uni for a dance piece.Dance piece extract

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