May(be) it will be okay

In May, I was utterly delighted to be invited down to Royal Court to partake in workshops led by director Katie Mitchell. If you’re not familiar with her work, you can read this interview with her –

She has an impressive CV and even more impressive worth ethic. I don’t talk to many directors about how they work and it was really a joy to listening to director’s-director talk about how she works. I’m not about disclose the contents of the workshop on this WordPress, but it really was inspiring. The one thing I did learn and will disclose is I felt empowered to be okay with making the work I precisely want to make. Regardless of… well, lots of things. Rigour. I’m holding onto the word rigour.

I urge you to see Katie M’s work if you can.

I like really writers talking about writing and I like directors talking about directing. Those two distinct thoughts I remember having in May. I also really liked spending time in London. I’ve not sure I could truely live there, but I sure like visiting.

I spent a lot of May writing my two News Just In episodes. One looking at the para-Commonweath games and one looking at lesbians in sport. It was a really joy to be part of writing team, to have collective responsibility. To write something funny, joyous, momentary. To enjoy the process as much as the product and not hold on too tightly to what you created but still to feel ownership over the form. Everyone involved was equal and a comrade. It’s the closest thing I’ve ever got to a true working democratic collective… I suppose!

May also brought lots of exciting work news about projects for 2015. I was really floored at one point. At points I had to just remember it was my life I was living, not someone else’s. Life is so funny, sometimes. Sometimes.

In May I also went to my first Drag Ball:



Went to my first live football match



And saw Courtney Love play live (with a cracking acoustic version of Doll Parts)


May was a good month. I’m sure I felt tired and hopeless and broke and exhausted and unworthy and shit but the good thing is my diary is only marked with the things I wanted to do, looked forward to doing. Sometimes it’s okay to focus. on the positive. Which is out of character for me.

Oh and we won a pub quiz, YAS.



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