June is bustin out all over…

June is busting out all over!

The feelin’ is getting’ so intense

That the young Virginia creepers

Hev been huggin’ the bejeepers

Outa all the mornin’-glories on the fence.

Because it’s June!

June, June, June

Jest because it’s June June June!

June was a month of getting on with things being an artist. I was preparing the ground for the Summer projects, dividing my time between working on material for Conference Call of the Birds, working with Mari on the amazing bird posters, meeting with Ralph who created the website for the project and then trying to get all the costumes, props and performers for Everyone’s A Winner, Baby!

So the first half of the month felt like business as usual in the best possible way. Having the time, space and money to just do the work is so wonderful, particularly when the weather’s nice and part of your working day can be talking through ideas in the sunshine. I really enjoyed working with Greg Sinclair again on the sound for Conference Call of the Birds, but really he was very important in working our a lot of the practicalities of the performance albeit with an approach framed by how the sound might work.

I think if there was anything not so great about this time, it was that I missed the chance to test the work out on other people. Time raced away and I found excuses to avoid getting to a stage where I wanted to invite an audience, even though I knew that it would be hard to imagine how the piece would work without trying it out!

But then I went on holiday. We went to my old friend Maddy’s wedding, which happened to be held in a beautiful palazzo in Tuscany. We had a great time staying with other old friends in a lovely villa nearby that had a swimming pool and a wonderful position beside a vineyard in the valley.

Basically I had an amazing time! The food, the friends, the dancing! And it was good to stay with other artists so everyone could understand each other’s work. Having a holiday is not something I’m really used to. There’s been many years when I’ve just not had the money or seemingly the time to take time away unless it’s somehow related to work. But these kind of holidays where it’s actually about relaxing and not needing to do anything other than have a nice time are a revelation! I think I need to make sure I make time and save money to have proper holidays every so often. It was also the perfect way to recharge and prepare for the craziness of July

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