Shadows and Clan Animals

shadow mobileAs part of an exhibition supporting the Citizens Theatre’s Commonwealth project titled On Common Ground I designed and built a shadow mobile. I am still getting used to working to a brief, but this one was pretty open and I was left completely to my self to come up with an idea and deliver it. All that was asked for was something interesting that had an element of interactivity, for family audiences using the theme of the Ojibwa Clan Animals.

Having made interactive pieces a few times this year and had bits broken off or damaged by unsupervised audiences I was keen to make something that moved and changed but which audience weren’t really encouraged to touch. So a mobile seemed like a good plan. I played around drawing and cutting out animal silhouettes and found that joining two together at right angles gave a shadow which morphs from one animal to the other, and an idea of a shifting landscape with animals appearing, disappearing and tramaking1nsforming took shape. The picture the audience would see would be a combination of the mobile itself coming in and out of the light, and the changing shadows it cast on the walls of the small room.


My recently learned lasercutting skills (see earlier blog) came in useful, and these lasercut shapes combined with string, two branches from the back bit, two twinkling crystals, a healthy amount of glue and two tins of white spraypaint  made the finished piece. The branches create a sort of mountainous horizon line topped with lasercut canadian trees, the crystals added a sparkling, shifting pattern of light to the walls and a small fan helped the mobile move and gave the room a cool, cave-like feel. As usual I was rubbish at documenting it, but I did take this short film on my phone.


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