July was the month of the incredible festival that is howlin fling with Lost Map records on the isle of Eigg…Through the brilliant Johnny Lynch being mentor on Team Effort I was very lucky to be asked to play a set as Wolf and Team Effort in one big bus we all went for the weekend of incredible music, landscape, sea swims, whisky drinking, new friend making weekend that it was. Eigg is so beautiful and the whole festival had the most incredible energy and atmosphere. We all had sad faces leaving. Thank you mr Lynch and Kate and Island for having us all, forever memories made. Photo above to try and show my excitment with fergus and random dog taken by Suzie post sea swimming.

This was also the month of finishing a project called BlueBlock studio, here is a rough mixtape I made in the development process of music I had made so far for it for the team working on the project, it was a live art performance space contained within a giant blue and white box facilitated by a performer called Becky Gerrard who acted as host/play person, over 40minutes a set journey of light and sound led different tasks, happenings, balls appearing out of balls, changes in mood and lighting, colours, space. It was a space for exploring and playing and dreaming, sleeping dancing, whatever the babies wanted it was made for 0 – 2 year olds and one parent to child. A project conceived and led by artist Katy Wilson. Here is some music from it:

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