July – summer is for going places

Three things:

1. Glad Cafe event. 

This was lots of fun. Working with the amazing Rose was great. She is the best balance of generosity and intelligence, I’ve ever met. I think if more people were like the Rose the world would be a better place, and definitely more colourful. So between the two of us, we programmed a series of events which I feel very proud of. They ranged from thematic nights (essays and wilderness) to a night of readings by women reading the work of their favourite female author to a performance by Rose and resident Amy Khoshbin. That was a messy sentence, sorry, not sorry.

My friends Iskwe and Theo also performed and visited all the way from Canada, along with WOLF and LAW. Which was just a night of all my favourite ear worms. Such talented people, all of them.

It was exhausting but giddy-making. I’m not sure I’m cut out for organising events (because I just got to all the fun stuff) but it sure was nice to pretend for a while. And I hope we brought some stuff to light that might not have otherwise got in peoples eye line.


2. Howlin’ Fling

I’m going to talk briefly about this, because I think several of us will cover it in our posts. But I LOVED IT (except that bit where my tent leaked and my wellies leaked and my rain jacket leaked). Music, beer, food and no internet. God it was good. I also swam in the sea, which, is about as refreshing and cleansing as it gets. Saltwater is definitely good for the soul – rainwater less so.

3. Commonwealth Games.

Taking us all by surprise at Stef HQ was how much I enjoyed the Commonwealth games. The politics of it are shaky (on many levels) but I loved all the cultures climbing into Glasgow, I loved watching the dedication of the athletes. I like it when I surprise myself. I think it happens less as an adult – unless you allow it too.



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