The Shouting Cave

outside image

inside image

The lovely Turning Plates ( invited me to come up with some artwork for the cd release of their excellent album The Shouting Cave. It’s really a concept album, so the artwork aims to develop their concept visually. Here is how the band put it –

album front

“The Shouting Cave is a concept album that explores the effect of the Internet on Society. The band
argue that the Internet is the purest reflection of humanity, a world built entirely of our own thoughts,
emotions and desires – “a sea to float our dreams”, as described in the album track ‘The Human Isle’.
What do we see in that reflection? Have we stopped to think? The album explores these questions by
portraying the Internet as a new wilderness into which we are born, telling individual stories within the overarching theme.”full inside


This was the first really specific brief I have worked with and as a result there were quite a lot of unexpected changes and re-workings before the pieces worked for the band and for me. The fun came in trying to work out a way of realising a wilderness with signs of past civilisations, and the ancient/timeless, mystic figures to populate it, while maintaining a sense of my own practice and creating images I understood and could get inside. At a certain point I realised that the post apocalyptic, druidic dancing, hooded-man-out-for-a-walk-with-his-lion, mystery owl, caves/ruins/fountains/mountains look is ace and I should just enjoy having the chance to run with it, then suddenly it all slotted into place.

full outside


It’s lovely to see something you’ve worked hard on be properly realised, and I’m very greatful to Turning Plates for getting me involved.


Turning Plates are having a launch night for The Shouting Cave at the Old Hairdressers on Saturday 27th September, with Jo Mango, and you can find out more about it here –


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