So for my last IF performance at the Southside Studios I read some new work developed over the year. Well I say over a year, when what I really mean is, over the course of a couple of days. Well I say a couple days, when what I really mean is one day. That day. The day of the performance.

So how can I be given so much time and opportunity and space and resources and money over one year, yet still find myself in the same situation I always find myself in again and again? Namely creating and editing right up to the last moment. My own revelation is that no matter how much time and space I am given – this will always be the case.

So I created a bunch of stuff and read it out and everybody was lovely and the atmosphere was great. It was a bit sad to think that it was the final IF and the end of summer and of Team Effort. This place has been the best place to be recently and these events are still the most exciting that I’ve ever been involved in.

So for my final performance I attempted to combine the poems of drink with themes found in the Book of Revelations to John. And I came up with this. I didn’t include it in my set because I didn’t think it was ready and I wasn’t sure about it, but I think it’s a fitting epilogue to my Team Effort story.

There’s nae point. What’s the point? Cos we’ll wake up sober the morra and it’ll aw be the same.

The evil cunts’ll still be evil, and the dirty bastards’ll still be dirty, and the wans that are up themselves’ll still be up themselves an the holy wullies’ll still be wullies but they’ll be mair like dicks. And outside there’ll still be dugs and sorcerers and fornicators and murderers and idolaters. Oh My God. I’m going tae the bar. Whit ye having? Let’s enjoy oursels.

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