The end

Team Effort has been an incredible thing, peoples, place, idea, team, family to be part of in this last year. I’ve learnt far too much and my wee brain has felt like popping many a time, I’ve been stretched not so much physically I’m still a 5 feet and 2 inches tall but my perceptions about what I can make, how I make work with others, the ideas and opinions that fall out of my mouth when wanted or not, where I might go in some direction other than round and round in a circle, all has been challenged in some ways that have been easier and others that have been harder.

I think I might be better at listening, which is a good thing, I think I might not be a tonne better with time management…maybe even worse, I think I’m less afraid to voice ambitions, desires and needs on the grander scheme of life and on the smaller scale in the present, especially when working with other folk. I definitely feel like I’ve found a community and I can see the support that is here in Team Effort and further if you just look for it and ask. I’m even more restless than I was when I started but perhaps with more focus, this is good.

I’ve met the most amazing group of artists that have inspired, challenged, supported. and formed what the beautiful ever changing beast that Team Effort has been and everyone in it, It’s a cliche but I have grown in many ways this year because of it and them and massively because of the amazing Gilly. Thanks Gilly for dreaming this up and making it a real thing. x

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