Phoney Documentation

Throughout the year I’ve used my phone to document what I’ve been working on. Often I find it hard to get perspective on how a piece is going when I’m in the studio, but a few days later when I look back at what I have on my phone things are a lot easier to see objectively. It’s also been helpful to get other people’s opinions of whether something is going well or not, to remember what point things have got to when I’m working on a few jobs at once, and to show other team members on a project something specific rather than risk describing it badly and misleading their expectations.


An unexpected result is that I now have a chronological record of a lot of the pieces I’ve worked on this year. It doesn’t show many of the end results, the other people I worked with or the performances, events or shows they were made for, but it does show the stages of development I went through and gives an uncomfortable insight into how much time I spend prancing around on my own.

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