217297_550852334967332_164755633_nTeam Effort! was a twelve-month collaborative project for six artists from visual art, music and theatre at the Southside Studios in Glasgow. It ran from September 2013 to Spetember 2014 and has now come to an end. The project was focused on creating a community, a support network and a shared understanding of each other’s process with the aim of fostering a more informed, emboldened and eclectic group of artists. Throughout the year, the six artists and Team Effort! Producer, Gilly Roche, wrote monthly blog posts about our work and the project, you can read these on our Home page.

The six Team Effort! artists were Eilidh MacAskill, Fergus Dunnet, Kim Moore, Martin O’Connor, Rose Ruane and Stef Smith. Working with producer Gilly Roche, they created their own bespoke year of development activity, working independently and together around and about the Studios. This development activity included research trips, conferences and lectures, workshops, book groups, film nights, crit. sessions, rehearsed readings or visits to shows. The focus of the year was not on creating a product (a show, a song, a play, a painting…) but rather, on building a strong, knowledgeable understanding of each other’s process, creating a cross-discipline support network for early career artists, developing the unique practice of each of the Team Effort! artists and having some fun along the way. Associate Artist, Debbie Hannan, fed into the project from her new job in London; Trainee Curator, Allan Madden galvanised a conversation about curation; and Digital Artist, Kim Beveridge, got the whole lot (and more) on film.

Throughout the year, we also had a team of sagely and sharp industry professionals on hand to advise, support and challenge us. These Team Effort! All-Stars were Ben Harman (Stills), Caroline Newall (National Theatre of Scotland) and The Pictish Trail (Lost Map Records).

Team Effort! was part of Creative Futures, a Creative Scotland talent development programme which aims to promote the professional development, capabilities, connectivity and ambitions of Scotland’s creative practitioners and organisations.

If you’d like more information about the project or to contact any of the Team Effort! artists, you can email Gilly.


Our aims:

  • Team Effort! will promote professional development by being responsive to the individual needs of the six artists. It will provide administrative and producing support to enable artists to focus exclusively on developing artistic ideas. It will also strive to identify and implement practical outcomes from the learning process that artists can use going forward in their careers.
  • Early career artists are in the best position to interrogate established and accepted artistic norms. By treating theatre as a live art as opposed to a solitary, literary one and considering it alongside different disciplines, we can explore parallels and examine the processes employed by each medium in order to create a shared vocabulary, a stronger support network and a more robust, collaborative creative process.
  • Programmers, producers and curators are becoming increasingly cautious, and many need to know an early-career artist’s work before committing to a relationship with them. The few venues committed to showcasing new work have a reputation for finding the “next big thing”. This raises audience expectation and puts unfair pressure on young artists. The Southside Studios embodies the “work-in-progress” ethos aesthetically, architecturally, practically and philosophically. Team Effort! will put audiences in an unconventional environment, challenge their expectations and empower them to engage with work on a more supportive, constructive level thus allowing the artists to be increasingly courageous, ambitious and innovative.
  • Theatre artists and audiences rarely attend the same events as their contemporaries in visual art and music. This leads to ghettoisation of artists and audiences and limits potential for creative conversations and cross-pollination of ideas. Rather than creating tokenistic cross-artform projects where work is diffused rather than distilled and strengthened, Team Effort! will create an environment that serves to increase the connectivity of Glasgow’s artistic community, strengthening long-term cross discipline links and fostering a more informed, collaborative and eclectic generation of artists.
  • The Southside of Glasgow is fast becoming a hub for creative talent with new arts venues like The Chalet, The Glad Café and the Queen’s Park Railway Club showcasing brilliant creative work. Team Effort! will aim to develop partnerships between these dynamic but disparate artistic venues by co-ordinating our schedules, going to them with events that are better suited to their spaces and promoting their work to our artists and audiences.