fergusFergus Dunnet studied Drawing and Painting at Glasgow School of Art. His work looks at figures and characterisation, scenes, stages and sets, and dramatic or melodramatic expression. The tone of these works is the visually obscure- horror inspired scenarios which might register as tense noir, gothic fairytale or science fantasy.  Their subject is the monster within, hysteria, witch-hunters, the fortune teller and her disciples, the morally dubious scientific experiment gone wrong and our distorted reflections in the hall of mirrors.

Fergus has worked regularly with musicians, performers and theatre companies to make work for festivals and live events, where the focus is excitement, direct audience engagement and above all spectacle.  He enjoys magic, puppetry and going to the circus.

“I am very excited about being involved with Team Effort! as it provides a great opportunity to critique my work and practice with creative artists from a range of disciplines. Collaboration has often been a part of my work and the chance to push ideas and outcomes into unexpected areas helps to develop and evolve both the method and the results of my work.”