942634_534414043283839_406109862_nKim Moore has been working in Glasgow as a composer and performer since 2009.

She has made work in collaboration with, A Moments Peace, Ankur productions, BBC Scotland, Eilidh MacAskill, LungHa’s, Magnetic North, National Theatre of Scotland, NUX, On the Stage of the Present, Starcatchers, Scottish Music Centre, The City Halls, Tramway, Zoey Van Goey.

Recently she was awarded PRS Woman Make Music Fund for a commission for original live score by Glasgow Film Theatre. Future work includes a live score for a new dance piece for families, made with Rob Evans and Natasha Gilmore.

“Team Effort! offers something really unique. The Southside Studios as a space is very inspiring and the opportunity that Team Effort! is offering is exactly what I’ve been needing and searching for, with its roots in the visual arts community, its focus on collaboration and performance making, the offer of mentor support, new collaborations, workshops, and a unique and exciting platform to experiment, to play, to perform new ideas, to develop and learn”