-1Martin O’Connor is a performer and writer from Glasgow.

Martin specialises in text based performance and spoken word. He is interested in exploring authentic dialects and investigating how this can inform and inspire Scottish audiences.

He has performed with the Citizens Theatre Company, Det Aapne Teater, Oslo, TAG, and The Arches Theatre Company.  Since 2005 he has been making his own work for performance, including writing and directing Playing Houses and Ch Ch Changes for Glasgay, Inner Circle for the Subway Festival and Daniel – supported by a Playwright’s Studio writer’s bursary. He has acted as dramaturge on various education and participation projects, recently Visible Fictions/National Galleries WORK and Scottish Opera’s forthcoming Commonwealth Opera. This year he has been working on a series on non-narrative performances that form a diptych entitled Theology.

“At the moment I am mostly writing commissions on my own, at home.  Therefore a place which is a community, where I can chat with a director, a visual artist or filmmaker will no doubt open up new possibilities for collaboration. There is nothing like this on offer, in Glasgow, and at the heart is the ethos of this city – of people getting together and creating, inviting people to share ideas and create new audiences.”