Our Spaces


Team Effort! was supported and housed by the Southside Studios. We formed part of this brilliant and diverse creative community by sharing our spaces, our ideas and our biscuits.

With the support of Creative Scotland’s Creative Futures programme, Team Effort! had exclusive use of the two largest spaces at the Southside Studios until September 2014. These beautiful, bespoke, light and airy spaces are the Datsche (“the cottage”) and Ben’s Bit (named after the owner and architect of the spaces, Ben Walker).

We never hired these spaces out to external parties looking for rehearsal or workshop space. Instead, we offered a series of artist residencies to anyone interested in coming and forming part of the Team Effort! community. You can find out more about our artist residencies by clicking here.

Ben’s Bit

A white, sky-lit studio with a cement floor within the main Southside Studios building. Approximately 5.8m x 5.2m in size. Has been used as a build space, rehearsal space, exhibition gallery, night club and performance space. AC plug point (plus use of multi-plug converters) and wireless Internet. Limited storage space. Heavy duty, lockable sliding door.

The Datsche

A stand-alone, pentagonal “summer house” located in the back yard of the main Studios building. Each of the five sides of the pentagon are around 3m long. Wooden floor, multiple AC power points, disco ball and smoke machine. Two of the Datsche walls are built to drop down into the courtyard, opening the space out and forming a performance stage. Built in 2011 with funding from Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art, the Datsche has been used as a performance space, meeting room, workshop space, disco and gallery.

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