Over the course of the Team Effort! year, we invited proposals and hosted residencies or workshops with ten artists from different disciplines from around the world. These artists brought new ideas and conversations to the Team Effort! group, and always shared work, either with Team Effort! or publicly, at the end of their residency.

The Team Effort! resident artists were:

About the Residencies

Each residency lasted for a maximum of three weeks and took place between September 2013 and August 2014. During this time, our residents formed an important part of the Team Effort! collective and, as such, they were  invited to take part in any group activity, workshops, or events that fell within the period of their residency.

Artists were encouraged to use these residencies to explore specific new ideas that fit within Team Effort!’s ethos of exploration, risk-taking and collaboration.

What residents got from us:

  1. A three-week long residency in either The Datsche or Ben’s Bit.
  2. All hire costs of their chosen space within the Southside Studios paid for the duration of their residency by Team Effort!
  3. To be a fundamental part of the Team Effort! collective and the Southside Studios creative community.
  4. Access to the Team Effort! collective and producer.
  5. Support questioning, challenging and developing their ideas.
  6. The option of an informal, public sharing of their work at the Southside Studios, organised by the producer.

What we asked from our residents:

  1. To engage in the creative conversations that happened on a daily basis around the Southside Studios. This might have been in a meeting or at a social event, or it might have been over a cuppa in the kitchen.
  2. To deliver a workshop of at least two hours in length to the Team Effort! collective. This workshop could cover the ideas they explored during their time at the Studios, or any other subject in which they are an expert and they felt would be beneficial to Team Effort!

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